Welcome to The Christian Coaching Network.


What is Coaching?

A Coach gives people the confidence and ability to move forward in a positive manner in the areas of their life where they crave change, feel stuck, need to move with more focus, apply learning or just a move faster.

Coaching is about breaking down the barriers which prevent this from happening and creating the ideal environment for positive action to take place. It is a totally holistic approach which looks at the present and sets goals for the future.  Read More…

How Coaching Works within The Church


Why You Should Connect with CCN?

The Christian Coaches Network is a Kingdom Business that exists to support individuals to grow themselves and others through the development of Coaching and Coaching skills within the Christian community.

Our aims:

  1. To Training and Support members of the Christian community who want to develop and grow their ability to use coaching skills to disciple and mentor others.
  2. To train individuals and teams within Kingdom-based business/ministries who want to develop their skills to lead others and grow in their calling.
  3. To train and support Christians who are full or part-time Coaches seeking to serve others from a place of faith.

Meet Jonathan Whitham – The Founder of CCN


Jonathan Whitham

Coach/Trainer/Digital Entrepreneur