Introducing The Christian Coaching Network

The Christian Coaches Network is a new Kingdom Business that exists to support the development of Coaching and Coaching skills within the Christian community.

Our aims:

1.    To Training and Support members of the Christian community who want to develop and grow their ability to use coaching skills to disciple and mentor others.

2.    To train individuals and teams within Kingdom-based business/ministries who want to develop their skills to lead others and grow in their calling.

3.    To train and support Christians who are full or part-time Coaches seeking to serve others from a place of faith.

We do this by:

  • Offering challenges, training, support and connection to those interested in developing coaching skills from a Kingdom perspective.
  • We are providing Coaches who are Christians with coaching models, resources, and Biblically appropriate materials.
  • Offering training on leadership and Coaching as an approach to leading others from a faith-based perspective within Christian communities, businesses and organisations
  • To assist coaches in developing their services through training, marketing, mentorship, coaching and supervision.
  • We offer an online membership/support network with regular online sessions, a number of face2face opportunities and gatherings to connect and grow.


  1. Operate within a Biblical Kingdom Framework
  2. Have a stated CCN Code of Ethics.
  3. To agree to, and work within, the Network’s Statement of Belief.

Our Approach: Challenges



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